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Roles and Differences Between Charge Point Operators (CPOs) & E-Mobility Service Providers (EMSPs)

The e-mobility industry is rapidly growing and evolving, and with it comes a specific terminology that can be confusing to those unfamiliar with the industry. Understanding the terms used in the e-mobility industry is crucial for anyone interested in or involved in the industry.

What is E-mobility?

E-mobility refers to the use of electric vehicles (EVs) for transportation, and the infrastructure and services that support their use. E-mobility encompasses a wide range of technologies, including EVs, charging infrastructure, and digital tools and services that help manage and optimize the use of electric transportation. The goal of e-mobility is to provide a clean, efficient, and convenient alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based transportation. E-mobility is seen as a key part of the transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon transportation system, and is being embraced by governments, businesses, and consumers around the world.

Two terms that are often used in the e-mobility industry are "e-mobility service providers" and "charge point operators." While these two terms are related to electric vehicles (EVs), they refer to different aspects of the e-mobility ecosystem.

What is an e-mobility service provider?

EMSPs (e-mobility service providers) are companies that provide charging services directly to electric vehicle (EV) drivers and manage the payments for charging sessions. They are responsible for ensuring that EV drivers have access to charging infrastructure and can easily charge their vehicles. EMSPs work to ensure customer satisfaction by providing convenient access to charging stations, establishing charging network monetization (payment methods, tariffs, and real-time billing), and offering tools such as apps to facilitate the use of charging stations. They also play a role in ensuring that products offered by charge point operators (CPOs) are ready for use by EV drivers.

EMSPs charging management software

EMSP charging management software is software that is used by e-mobility service providers (EMSPs) to manage and optimize the charging of electric vehicles (EVs). The EMSP charging management software may include features such as real-time monitoring of charging sessions, billing and payment processing, and data analytics to help EMSPs optimize their charging operations. The software may also include tools to help EMSPs manage their charging infrastructure, such as scheduling and maintenance of charging stations. Overall, EMSP charging management software is an important tool for EMSPs to efficiently and effectively manage the charging of EVs and support the growth of the e-mobility industry.

What is a charge point operator?

Charge point operators focus on the infrastructure needed to charge EVs. This includes installing and operating charging stations, as well as managing the payment and billing processes for charging sessions. Charge point operators may work with e-mobility service providers, local governments, and other partners to build out charging networks in specific regions.

CPOs software

CPO (charge point operator) platforms differ from EMSP (e-mobility service provider) software in that they operate mainly on a backend basis. CPO software is primarily responsible for ensuring that the entire charging station network functions smoothly and without any detected malfunctions. In addition, it is tasked with reporting any potential issues in real-time and generating a data record to prevent future problems. Essentially, the role of CPO software is to manage and optimize the charging infrastructure and process, while eMSP apps are focused more on providing charging services directly to EV drivers.

It's important to note that e-mobility service providers and charge point operators are not mutually exclusive. Many companies operate in both areas, offering a range of services and infrastructure to support e-mobility.

In conclusion, it is important to have a grasp on the key terms used in the e-mobility industry in order to fully understand the industry and its players. Whether you are a consumer considering purchasing an EV or a business looking to invest in e-mobility solutions, understanding these terms will allow you to make informed decisions and stay up-to-date on industry developments.

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