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Driving Fuel Retailer Marketing with Data in 2022

“In God we trust. All others must bring data” famously said W. Edwards Deming.

Deming was a champion of using data and measurement to properly understand and quantify current performance against standards. Understanding a problem through robust data collection and analysis provides a solid foundation to begin problem solving, and digital marketing is no different. Thanks to customer data, marketing and sales can create more effective campaigns and relevant offerings for customers, thus improving their experience and increasing company revenue. Read on to learn about how such data can be used, new marketing opportunities for the fueling industry, and how to get started.

Gaining Visibility into Customer Needs with Data

Gaining Visibility into Customer Needs with Data

Digital platforms and big data technologies have unlocked huge opportunities for marketers. Through new technologies and devices, customers are leaving a trail of data behind them, and this data can be gathered and analyzed to create personalized experiences and gain business insights.

With customer data, companies can understand how customers interact with their products, monitor how aware they are of the brand, and measure satisfaction. This data can also be acted on, to influence customer behavior and optimize the buying experience based on each customer’s specific needs. No more guessing how much revenue or brand awareness a billboard is generating. With digital strategies, companies have real data to rely on, and in real-time!

Across multiple industries, data is used for deciding on go-to-market strategies, segmenting audiences, building marketing campaigns, sending out emails, optimizing website pages, creating social media posts, improving customer loyalty programs, determining pricing, developing personalized customer offerings, and a lot more.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of data usage in marketing, as customer interactions moved to the digital sphere. In fact, in 2020 more than 85% of organizations chose customer data as the most important component of their digital marketing strategy.

Fueling Digital Marketing with Data

Customer data is fueling digital marketing across verticals, and there is no reason why the fueling industry should not enjoy this opportunity as well. Fuel retailers can leverage customer data to understand driver and consumer behavior and provide them with new and unique experiences that increase their top line. Just like any other player, fuel retailers can:

  • Collect data from their consumer base

  • Analyze their behavior, e.g - which times they come to the fueling station, what they buy

  • Build various marketing campaigns and personalized journeys based on segmentations like age and behavior

  • Test these campaigns in real-time to determine success

  • Choose the best performing campaign based on actual data and real user journeys

  • Continue running and optimizing

For example, with data, fuel retailers can:

  • Track products that are frequently bought and offer complementing products

  • Track the times of day drivers arrive and create useful offerings, e.g a discounted coffee in the morning or BOGO on ice cream during summer

  • Track drivers that only fuel and prompt them to visit the convenience store

  • Monitor activities and preferences and create personalized offerings for drivers

  • Track how often drivers fuel at the station and suggest a loyalty club membership to frequent fuelers

  • And more - the sky, and your creativity, is the limit.

How to get started?

Picafuel provides fuel retailers with a customer engagement and digital marketing solution built exclusively for them. With Picafuel, fuel retailers can easily engage with drivers based on customer data, to drive traffic and boost sales.

Picafuel’s unique campaign engagement tool enables fuel retailers to easily build, track and optimize campaigns based on real driver behavioral data. Advanced digital capabilities also provide options for driver segmentation, campaign personalization and testing, as well as building and monitoring loyalty programs. All data is presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard with actionable insights.

By using Picafuel, fuel retailers increase sales and revenue streams. Talk to us to learn more.

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