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3 Ways Fuel Retailers Can Digitally Engage with Drivers

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Digital transformation has created an opportunity for industries and companies to engage with customers in new ways that were not possible beforehand. By introducing digital communication, personalized messaging and campaigns based on data, companies can offer customers the best product for their needs at the best price. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The fueling industry is also going through digital transformation, helping retailers provide drivers and fleet drivers with a personalized experience at the forecourt.

Best engagement methods

Here are three digitalization methods fueling companies can incorporate to engage with drivers and grow revenue.

1. Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Many digital marketing campaigns today segment messages to audiences based on age, gender, geo-location, device type, previous activity, and additional details. Thus, companies can provide the most optimized message to their audience, in their attempt to increase conversions.

Fuel retailers can do the same. By collecting insights from driver data, they can build creative campaigns tailored to drivers’ needs. Offerings can be adjusted and accommodated according to various parameters. Special promotions and coupons can be utilized as well to achieve a certain business objective.

For example:

  • Retailers that own a gas station close to a football station, could offer discounts on certain beverages on game days

  • Retailers could offer a coffee + sandwich promotion in the morning

  • Retailers on highway stations could offer lunch campaigns for truck drivers

2. Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is a marketing strategy for encouraging customers to shop at a certain shop or brand, by generating a sense of affiliation with it. In loyalty programs, customers often collect and redeem points in exchange for discounts or special offerings. In addition, they are encouraged to feel a sense of connection to the brand.

For fuel retailers, a loyalty program could be based on accruing points in exchange for fueling or for purchasing at the fuel stations convenience stores. Advanced customer segmentation could assist in providing more accurate offerings to various driver groups. Gamification and customized alerts can make the experience more pleasant and fun for drivers.

3. Mobile App Communication

Customers today expect to be able to handle most communication with service providers via their mobile app, on-demand and at their own convenience. Having to physically interact with a representative or even communicate over the phone is considered old-fashioned and bothersome.

By enabling drivers to fuel and communicate with them through a mobile app, fuel retailers can provide a modern and frictionless experience to drivers. This will also increase driver engagement, as the use of the app to communicate will expose the driver to more of your content and increase user stickiness. In addition, this medium enables collecting data about drivers, to be able to gain marketing insights.

How can fuel retailers efficiently implement these digital tactics?

The Picafuel Digital Customer Engagement Platform

Picafuel provides a customer engagement and digital marketing solution built exclusively for the fueling industry. With Picafuel, fuel retailers can easily engage with drivers to drive traffic and boost sales.

Picafuel provides:

  • A mobile app for mobile refueling and digital engagement

  • A platform for creating, testing and monitoring personalized marketing campaigns with coupons and promotions

  • A loyalty program solution for drivers to collect and redeem loyalty benefits while enabling retailers to manage multiple programs simultaneously based on customized logic and rules.

Picafuel also provides retailers with analytics and actionable insights based on real driver data. By using Picafuel, fuel retailers increase sales and revenue streams.

Talk to us to learn more.


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