Meet Picafuel, the new fuel station experience

Who We Are?

Picafuel is an innovative Vehicle & Driver authentication solution for fuel retailers, card issuers and mobility services with an integrated online sales and marketing platform.

Using Picafuel solution will tremendously reduce fraud risk, increase site returns and customers’ loyalty by effective marketing and reducing operational costs compared to any other hardware-based solution

Simple User Experience

Picafuel’s app enables simple and secured refueling avoiding the need for any fuel cards, payment terminals or any vehicle/station identification systems.

The fuel, as well as other products picked in the shop can be paid using the Picafuel application

Easy, Safe & Accurate

When entering the fuel station, all the driver needs to do is open the Picafuel application, position her/his mobile in front of the vehicle dashboard, the application will then automatically capture the vehicle’s dashboard and metrics, authenticating the fuel transaction.

Once refueling starts, a personal campaign is presented to the driver based on the driver’s personal profile built in the system. This personalized online communication with the driver, while on site, engages the driver and attracts her/him to enter the shop and other facilities in the fuel court thus helping the retailer optimize site returns.

The fuel, as well as other products, picked in the shop can be paid using the Picafuel application

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