Why Picafuel?

Picafuel's innovative platform provides unique advantages which no other VIS (Vehicle Identification System) solution can provide. Accurate identification of 3 layers:

Station, Driver, and  Vehicle



Picafuel’s state of the art technology guarantees that only an authorized vehicle at an authorized location will be refueled and only by an authorized driver using the company account

Any irregularities in fuel consumption will be traced quickly

Sales and Loyalty

Adding the driver to the equation allows the fuel retailer to communicate directly, and in person, with the vehicle driver at the moment through the right channel

Picafuel requires no hardware, it is solely software based! 

  • Cardless - This eliminates the operational costs tied with fuel cards issuing and management

  • Easy payment - All users (private and business) can easily pay for purchases such as fuel, shop items, marketing coupons etc. using the Picafuel app secure payment service

  • Fleet management - Large variety of tools and reports for fleet managers for better management and control of the fleet

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