Marketing & Loyalty


Fuel cards technology lack means of direct, real-time, personalized communication with the drivers, no personal data is available on the driver’s behavior – limiting customers’ loyalty and non-fuel sales. Picafuel's marketing platform builds personal customer profiles enabling a never before personalized customer experience

Customer Engagement

Event-Triggered Marketing Suite

Event-triggered marketing can potentially save 80% of your marketing budget

The Picafuel platform enables personal campaign management with real-time communication with the user while on site. The offer is sent directly to the Picafuel app after the vehicle authentication process is completed. Picafuel’s Marketing and Loyalty suite is fully integrated with Picafuel’s Mobile Refueling and offers a wide range of flexibility in building sales promotions, marketing campaigns, and loyalty schemes. It is easy, intuitive and fast to use. Event-triggered marketing is extremely effective, efficient and economical.


Using Picafuel’s Marketing platform creates new revenue streams by collaborating with 3rd parties, promoting services and products

Personal campaign is presented to the driver based on the driver’s personal profile built in the system

Comprehensive build-in integrated loyalty tools

Location based dynamic offers

Flexible time/ date dependent offers

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