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Secure More Fleet Contracts with Superior Expense and Management Control

Open the Door to New Fleet Partnerships Using Picafuel's Top-Tier Fleet Management Tools.

Deliver unparalleled value and services catered directly to fleet manager requirements. With precision expense oversight, efficient operations, and cutting-edge management features, stand out as the go-to choice for fleets.



Maximize Fuel Savings

With the Picafuel App, offer fleet managers an edge by guiding their drivers to the most cost-effective stations. Utilize real-time data to ensure their fleets benefit from the best fuel prices, enhancing your value proposition and fostering client loyalty.


Define Fueling Rules and Restrictions with Instant Updates

Set product, location, time, and cost limits. Whether it's allotting fuel quantities or dictating fueling routes, adjust these parameters seamlessly. Adjust restrictions in a few clicks. Equip fleet managers with advanced tools for precise fuel consumption and expense management.


In-depth Insights into Vehicle and Fuel Behaviors

Empower fleet managers with our specialized reporting tools, designed to delve deep into vehicle performance and fuel cost analytics. Access detailed reports, monitor essential fleet-related performance indicators, and make informed decisions that boost efficiency and reduce costs.


Shield Fleet Assets with Real-time Fraud Detection

Use smart algorithms to instantly detect suspicious fueling activities in real-time. Employ AI and machine learning for precise odometer readings and dashboard recognition, enhancing fleet asset protection and building trust with potential customers. Learn more about our cutting-edge fraud prevention technology.

Capture More Fleet Contracts for Your Energy Retail Business

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