Picafuel Mobile Refueling

No More

Picafuel’s app enables simple and secured refueling avoiding the need for any fuel cards, payment terminals or any vehicle/ station identification systems.

Picafuel replaces the plastic fuel cards with a mobile app

Fuel Cards

Fraud Control

" Friendly fraud is estimated at 5 - 15% of all transactions! "

Fuel cards are widely used by the business sector with no adequate solutions for cards duplication, theft, loss or employees' abuse. 

Picafuel mobile refuelling enables, among other things:

Only an authorized vehicle will be refueled and only by an authorized driver using the company account

Determine on-line the fuel consumption and the quantity of fuel needed for the transaction

Build-in off-line refueling enables service even in cases where mobile network is not available.

Apply fleet restrictions when applicable and run pre/ post transaction analytics

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