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1. Mobile Refueling:

Picafuel’s app enables simple and secured refueling avoiding the need for any hardware; fuel cards, payment terminals or any vehicle/ station identification systems

2. Network Management:

Advanced network administration tools providing fuel retailers with the ability to manage the network preferences from one place and present selected data to drivers and fleet managers

3. Station Management:

The platform provides dynamic and easy to use tools for station managers. All other facilities in the fuel station (c-stores, car washes etc.) can be seamlessly managed and integrated.

4. Billing Module:

Picafuel’s Billing module dynamically connects between the B2B fleet business, ERP system and station reimbursement process in a fully automated way. Furthermore, transactional disputes can be settled in a simple user experience, all actions are logged in the system

5. Authorization Server:

First in class transaction authorization server that takes in consideration all business rules before approving any transaction. Approve transactions in the fuel station and shop while using a hybrid model that can process several identification means

6. In-house Fuel Station:

Operation, management & control of In-house fuel stations. Providing full Inventory control including tank deliveries, refueling data, level alerts and secured refueling. Eliminating fraud while saving on operational costs

7. Fleet Management:

A dedicated tool to manage and communicate with fleet drivers and the issuer. Ability to track and analyze transactions, generate custom reports, create specific restrictions and simply onboard new vehicles

8. Fraud Prevention:

The fraud prevention module uses first in class technology and protocols to provide fuel retailers and fleet managers with advanced fraud prevention tools. Giving them the ability to apply their personalized business rules to “suspicious” transactions.

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