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Revolutionize Your Billing Process with Picafuel's Comprehensive Billing Solution

Transform Your Billing Process with Picafuel.

Reduce long billing cycles to just hours and get real-time insights into every transaction. Easily adjust to market changes and handle various products with our flexible capabilities.



Elevate Invoicing and Enhance Oversight

Review invoices before sending. Customize them to reflect your brand and meet customer preferences. Automatically send invoices through Omnichannel. Monitor invoice and payment statuses in real-time.


Simplify Billing and Boost Accuracy

Customize billing to your business needs. Set up automatic billing based on predefined rules or handle one-off requests manually. Ensure dealer payments are accurate and on time. Reduce errors to keep your operations running smoothly.


Take Control of Your Pricing

Adjust prices based on location, customer, or time. Offer discounts for bundles and multiple items with ease. Define and modify customer deals swiftly. Be in charge of every financial detail.


Enhance Financial Management

Stay in control with our advanced collection module. Collect payments seamlessly, manage payment details, and set flexible payment terms. Handle payment dates, split payments, and modify statuses with ease to cater to your customer's specific needs.


Optimize Your Cash Flow Predictions

Use our live online rating to immediately calculate each transaction's final cost, factoring in price lists, discounts, fees, and other commercial terms. Gain a real-time understanding of your incoming revenue, enabling accurate financial planning and foresight.

Revolutionize Your Billing Today

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